Majestic Pet Dog Beds Review

Do you have a favorite furry friend?

If so, then it is important that you provide them with the best possible life.

This includes providing them with a comfortable and cozy bed to sleep in every night or take power naps during the day.

There are many different beds on the market for dogs, and the Majestic Pet dog beds brand is one of many great options.

Do you want to know what are pros and cons for buying this bed? Or are you wondering which is the best Majestic Pet dog bed?

Then keep reading! This article will help you make an informed decision before purchasing a new dog bed and providing your pooch with the best canine sleep of all.

Majestic pet dog bed review

What is Majestic Pet?

Majestic Pet is a company that specializes in different pet products. Founded in 1994 in California, they first started their business producing dog collars and leashes before expanding to a variety of other pet products.

The Majestic Pet line includes chew toys, bowls and feeders, beds, apparel items for dogs and cats, cat trees and scratching posts –as well as many more things that your dog may need to have fun with!

Majestic Pet logo

Majestic Pet Best Dog Beds Reviewed

Now let’s talk about their dog beds.

Majestic Pet has eight different dog bed options, including bagel dog beds, rectangle dog beds, pillows, and even beds specially made for dog crates!

Each bed is different, and the best choice will depend on your furry friend’s needs. Here are our reviews of their most popular beds!

Majestic Pet 40″ Bagel Dog Beds: perfect for larger dog breeds

Bagel Majestic Pet dog bed

The Majestic Pet bagel dog beds are round, soft and cozy and come with bolsters for spine support. They come in many different colors, including grey, red, yellow, and more.

The fabric of the inside pad comes with a 100% polyester filling for your furry friend to snuggle up in. These beds are fully machine washable so they can be easily cleaned.

Furthermore, the base of the bed is made of waterproof denier, which is great for any accidents that may come your pooch’s way.

The Majestic Pet 40″ bagel dog beds are perfect for dogs of all sizes: small, medium and large breeds will have plenty of space to curl up and sleep soundly. They are ideal for dogs up to 75lbs, meaning even Pitbull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds or Rottweilers!

The price ranges between $75-$100, a great value for money for your dog’s comfort.

It is important to mention that this bed isn’t chew-proof nor made for dogs who are known to destroy their beds easily –so it may not be the best option if your pooch chews on everything!

Majestic Pet 36″ x 44″ Rectangle Dog Beds: orthopedic & memory foam

Majestic Pet Dog Bed memory foam orthopedic

The Majestic Pet rectangle dog beds are soft, comfortable and made with a breathable mesh lining for easy airflow through the bed.

The outside is composed of 100% cotton twill fabric that is both durable and machine washable. The inside stuffing bag is made of shredded memory foam, which is great for dogs with joint problems or arthritis. They support your furry friend’s needs and provide them with the comfort they deserve!

The orthopedic Majestic Pet rectangle dog beds are available in three sizes: small, medium or large. The price ranges from $75 to $150, and the largest dog bed can support pooches up to 110lbs!

Just like the Bagel dog beds, the Rectangle orthopedic beds have a waterproof denier base. They can be used indoors or outdoors.

Majestic Pet Crate Mat: cuddly & supportive

Majestic Pet dog bed for crate

Lastly, let’s consider the Majestic Pet crate mats line of pet products. If you have a dog crate for your pooch, those mats are perfect.

The Majestic Pet crate mats are stuffed using a high loft polyester-cotton blend fill that is very soft and comfortable for your pup to snuggle into while ensuring orthopedic support.

This mat also comes with polyester-filled bolsters for increased comfort!

The Majestic Pet crate mats are machine washable, just like the other products in this line. Just put the whole mat in your washer on gentle cycle and tumble dry!

They are available in five sizes: extra-large, large, medium, small and extra-small. The price ranges from $32-$54 depending on the size you need for your pooch’s crate.

Majestic Pet dog beds: pros & cons

Pros ans cons of buying Majestic pet dog bed

Now that we’ve reviewed the best Majestic Pet products for your best friend, let’s look at the pros and cons that come with purchasing one of these dog beds.


  • The Majestic Pet Memory Foam Dog Beds are a great option if you have an older or aging pooch who needs extra support when resting. They are also great for dogs with joint problems like arthritis.
  • You can customize your dog bed by choosing to embroider your dog’s name on the bed before it ships! Customization costs $8 and lets you choose from 10 different fonts.
  • Majestic Pet dog beds come with a waterproof base, which is great for any accidents that your pup may have!
  • They are easily washable: you can just put them through your washing machine to keep them clean.
  • There’s a 30-days return policy for any damaged products –except if you bought a dog bed and embroidered it!


  • The Majestic Pet Memory Foam Dog Beds are a bit more expensive than other brands of dog beds –but that is because they offer superior quality!
  • Majestic Pet dog beds are not chew-proof so you should keep an eye on your furry friend while he/she is enjoying this product.

Majestic Pet dog beds: final thoughts

Majestic pet dog bed lab sleeping

Majestic Pet dog beds are a great option for any pooch. They come in different sizes, shapes and even colors!

They’re made with high-quality materials that will ensure your pup is comfortable while resting or sleeping at night.

If you have an older canine who needs extra support but still wants to be cozy when they sleep, then you should consider one of the Majestic Pet Memory Foam dog beds.

If your pup is an aggressive chewer, then we suggest that you do not get a Majestic Pet product since they’re not chew-proof. However, if this doesn’t bother you and it’s not an issue for your pooch either, then you go ahead!

Thanks for reading 🙂 We hope you find this blog post helpful and that you can choose what’s best for you and your furry best friend’s comfort!

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