How Long Should I Walk a Beagle Puppy

Beagles love exercises, but the question of how long I should walk a beagle puppy is a disturbing one. These dear fidos (beagles) have lots of energy and are curious, too—meaning that their inquisitive nature can get over them if they don’t burn off some energy. 

How Long Should I Walk a Beagle Puppy? 

Puppy beagles should have at least one mile (one walk) per day for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes per walk. When walking your beagle puppy, ensure that you spread the walk into several short hikes. This is because their skeletal system doesn’t develop until they’re 18 months old. In a nutshell, don’t overdo exercises for beagle puppies. 

Can Beagles Go on Long Walks?

No, beagle puppies should not go on long walks because their skeletal systems haven’t fully developed. Some beagle puppies may need 10 to 15 minutes of walk, while some may need between 20 and 30 minutes. Either way, just ensure that your furry friend’s cardio exercise is short but more intense—one time per week is good. 

Beagles are energetic and lively dogs, so they’ll mostly run around. If you go with your beagle puppy to a park or an open field where they can run around, you’ll have made their day. However, make sure that you supervise your beagle puppy, especially when you go out with them. Finally, ensure that you take a close look at them because they’re hound dogs. 

How Much Exercise Does a Beagle Puppy Need?

Your beagle puppy needs at least one hour of exercising every day. Therefore, I recommend that you combine running with walking to make their exercise effective. Besides running and walking, your beagle puppy will also need training and playing time. 

For many dog owners, how much exercise their beagle puppies need depends on the individual pup. Some puppies will walk the entire day, and you will drag some out of the door to go for a walk. However, the standard for most beagle puppies is to walk at least once every day. 

Because beagle puppies are curious and lively pets, you need to develop a set of exercises that will keep them vibrant and not bored or frustrated. After all, excellent regular exercise can extend the life expectancy of your beagle puppy. 

Exercises can be categorized into two: 

  • Cardio exercises—activities include playing, walking, and running
  • Mental training—activities include recall commands, leash training, etc

When Can I Take My Beagle Puppy for a Walk?

You should only take your beagle puppy for a walk after 10-14 days after the final vaccination. Most puppies will get vaccinated once they’re six weeks old, and that is usually the first round of your beagle puppy’s vaccination. 

You should hold on long walks for your beagle puppy for a while, and that will depend on several factors. For example, beagles are standard-sized dogs with a lower center of gravity—making it easier for them to track their prey. Therefore, subjecting your beagle puppy to longer walks can cause severe joint, cardiovascular, and circulatory complications. 

Once your beagle puppy is six months old, they should be ready to start going for regular long walks as their muscles have developed. However, this must be a gradual process because doing it abruptly could negatively impact their development. 

Cardio Workouts For Your Beagle 

Walking your pooch or dog is one of the most common exercises most dog owners resort to, and there’s a reason why. First, there’s no special gear needed to carry out this exercise successfully, and secondly, most dog owners equally enjoy walking their dogs. 

That said, walking your dog is one of the best forms of exercise you can ever give to your beagle puppy. It’s a low-impact form of exercise and won’t negatively impact your pooch. Furthermore, walking your beagle puppy helps stretch their muscles, keep their muscle mass, and ensures that their metabolism works efficiently. 

I see fellow dog owners combine training with walking, and you can too. By deploying a few training practices, you’ll be improving your pup’s brain. 

To get started with cardio workouts for your dear fido, start with two walks every day—one before you leave for your work (or before you go into your home office if you’re a work-at-home savvy), and the other while you’re back from work (mainly in the evenings). 

I give my canine buddy 20 minutes of walk before I get into my home office to edit a few blog pieces for this blog and take care of some client work. Later in the evening, we take a walk in the neighborhood, and it’s enjoyable. 

If you don’t have all the time (or you are at work all day), it may be time you consider reaching out to a professional dog walker. Professional dog walking has become a career choice for many, so many people now offer that as a service. As a result, it can be challenging to choose the right person—so referrals from friends might be a good starting point. 

The advantage of getting the services of a dog walker is that your pooch will have a chance to interact with other dogs, as most of these dog walkers will most likely walk your dear fido with other dogs. 

But dog walkers aren’t the last option you have—you can equally ask a friend or relative to walk your dog with theirs when you’re away. If this is also not an alternative and you’re not prepared to own a beagle puppy, I suggest you hold on until you’re ready to own your beagle. 

How to Keep Your Beagle Puppy When Exercising 

Since beagles are known as scent hounds, taking off their leash will give them the freedom to roam. Because of this, they can travel long distances in search of the scent—and they’ll never stop until they find the place the scent is coming from. 

Train your dear fido beagle with some recall commands before you can allow them to roam on their own. And because beagles love food, be sure always to carry some food so that you can treat them with your favorite when you’re out walking with them. 

And before you let your beagle puppy roam, you could try a training leash of about 50 feet. Using these longer leashes is one of the best ways to train them while still ensuring that they’re in your control and never to go longer distances away from you. 

However, you must still take note that beagles are scent hounds and will try to follow their instincts, especially when they think the scent is more exciting than your recall. And another thing—beagles are stubborn dogs, so you’ll need to get used to that. 

Finally, beagles can always escape easily to follow their scent instincts. This is why you need to make sure that your garden is beagle-proof. Ensure that any fence gaps are blocked and have no other way to escape from the compound. If you fail to do this, your beagle will find a space to run, and they’ll follow their instincts—forcing you to look for them. 

Bottom Line 

Beagles are interactive and very active dogs—so leaving them by themselves or not offering them training sessions will only leave them frustrated. That is why you need to make sure that you can either find your beagle puppy, a dog walker, or a friend or relative if you’re sure you won’t have time with them in most cases. And by the way, there’s no point purchasing a beagle puppy if you’re never going to have time with them. 

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