What Is The Perfect Placement For My Dog’s Crate? Our Full Guide

Near your bed, outside your room, in the corner of your living room, in the kitchen…

The places where you might consider putting a dog crate are numerous. But, where is the best place to put your pet’s crate –and why?

A crate is not just a place for your dog’s sleepy time. Did you know that it also serves an important purpose in training?

So it makes sense that you would want the perfect spot to put the crate where it will be most useful–and appealing–to your pooch!

That’s why in this article, we will go over what you need to think about when deciding on placement so that you can pick the best spot for your pet’s needs!

Best location for your dog crate

Choosing the best crate for your dog

One of the first steps when bringing a new pet into your home is choosing the right crate for your furry friend.

A crate is used to provide the dog with a sense of security, but you should make sure that your pet can stand up in it and turn around comfortably.

Crates can be found in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. The two most important criteria are size and materials. Choosing the right crate will depend on your dog breed, as well as its age and personality.

  • Young puppies need a waterproof crate for as long as they aren’t potty-trained. You should also choose a chew-proof crate, in case your new pup decides to revel in its new-found teething abilities!
  • Adult dogs also need the proper crate size so they can sit up, turn around, and even lie down comfortably while in it.
  • However, if you have an older or large breed of dog then they may require more space than what’s provided by standard crates. This is why you should measure your pet first before moving on to the next step of buying it a crate.
  • Senior dogs are more likely to have joint problems, so they need a crate that is easy for them to get in and out of. It might also be best to choose a waterproof crate that is made of soft materials.

Also, if you have more than one dog at home, make sure to get them crates that are similar sizes so there won’t be any fights during playtime or when meals are served!

Puppy chewing on its crate

Where to put your dog crate?

Now that you know what type of crate to get your dog, it’s time to figure out where you’ll place the crate in your home.

There are many different factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the best place for your dog’s crate: whether you live in a house or an apartment, how much time you spend at home, how old your pet is, whether or not there are children in the house…

Let’s see the options that will best suit your needs when it comes to finding the best place for your pet’s crate!

Choose your dog crate

Where to put a dog’s crate in a house?

If you live in a house or an apartment with more than one floor, then the best place to put your dog’s crate is in the living room or kitchen.

The crate should be somewhere busy, where there is life and activity in the house. The basement is not an option! It will only make your pooch feel isolated and that won’t be good for its well-being.

So why are the kitchen and living room the best places to put a dog crate in a house?

  • In the living room, right by your couch is one of the best places in a house where you can put a dog crate. It will keep Fido close to you and your family’s activities and make it easy to watch TV with him around!
  • In the kitchen, you can put your dog’s crate next to the table, where it will be in an important part of family life and Fido won’t feel like he is missing out on anything. Avoid putting your dog’s crate too close to the stove or other appliances, as it can be dangerous.

Note that if there is a backyard in your house then it would be best if you could put your pet’s crate by a window that looks out into the yard. This way, your dog will have a great view of the outdoors while staying safe and secure.

However if you notice that your dog starts barking at the window, change its place as it might be counterproductive and make your pet more anxious than relaxed.

Where to put a dog crate in an apartment?

If you live in a small apartment, finding the best place to put a dog crate may be a bit more difficult. Options can run out pretty quickly –and you need to find the best compromise for both you and your furry friend’s needs.

In an apartment, the best spot for your pooch’s crate is in a cozy corner, preferably near a window. That way, your pet will feel like it’s still part of the action but can always choose to turn away from it and face the corner if they feel too overwhelmed.

Also, make sure you’re NOT putting its crate near the entry door, as your dog might bark every time someone comes in –even when you’re away for the day. That’s not going to make you very popular with the neighbors!

Happy labrador dog sitting near a window

Where NOT to put a dog crate?

When choosing where to place a pet crate, there are some places that should be off-limits for it. The two most important factors to take into consideration are your pet’s safety and its well-being.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few helpful tips for you to know which places to avoid:

  • Don’t put your dog’s crate in a drafty area, as it could make your pooch sick.
  • Avoid putting its crate anywhere near hot appliances like the stove or heating system –it might get burned!
  • Keep the dog crate away from direct sunlight, or anywhere your pet can’t escape the heat.
  • If there are children or other pets in the house, avoid putting the dog crate where they can reach it. A curious child might think it’s a toy, so keep them away from your pooch!
  • Don’t place the pet crate too close to noise sources either –like TVs or speakers– as that could make Fido anxious and more likely to bark when he shouldn’t be. Also avoid placing the crate near the front door!
  • Last but not least, remember a crate is not a punishment: do not isolate your pet in a room where noone ever goes! A dog’s crate is a safe haven for your pooch, so keep it somewhere nice where Fido can relax while still being part of the action.

Where to put a puppy crate?

When you first bring home a new puppy, it’s best to keep its crate in an area that is quiet and not too far from where the action of your house happens.

For example, around the corner of your living room or bedroom will be perfect while your new puppy gets used to its surroundings –and while you’re at work!

Remember though that puppies need to go outside at least once a day and they will not be able to hold their bladders for too long, so you might want to take it out more than just one time per day.

Puppies in a box

Where to put a puppy crate –at night?

If you choose to keep your new puppy’s crate in the living room during the day, it might be best to move it to your bedroom for the night, at least for the first few days. A useful tip would be to get a second crate for your puppy so that you don’t have to move it around every day!

Puppies can feel abandoned and stressed out if you put them in their crate by themselves –and they might whine or bark to get your attention.

It’s best if you can keep the puppy close to where you sleep so it feels like part of the family right from the beginning, and not alone all night long. Note that some dogs are okay with sleeping on their own at first; but most others are not, so see how your pet does.

If you don’t want your bedroom to be their final sleeping place, just start moving the crate further and further away until you can eventually put it in another room. Every night, move it one step further away from your bedroom door until you found the perfect place for it.

Dog crate in bedroom or living room: what’s the best place?

If you’re still wondering whether to place your dog crate in the bedroom or the living room, the short answer is —do both!

During the day, it’s best to place the dog crate in the living room, where your dog can see you and be part of the action. He’ll feel more secure and calm if he can see what’s going on around him.

When you go to sleep, it might be best to move the dog crate in your bedroom, so that your pet does not feel abandoned or isolated during his time of need. This will also make housebreaking much easier for both of you, especially in the first few days or weeks!

Don’t forget that dogs are pack animals and feel more secure when they can see their owners nearby. It’s a good idea to place the crate somewhere where your pet can still see you, but also have some privacy too.

Happy corgi dod in his crate living room

Is it cruel to crate a dog at night?

No, it’s not cruel to crate your dog at night –quite the contrary! In fact, it’s a great way to make your pet feel safe and secure when he needs some rest.

As long as your dog has his physical, social and psychological needs met, there is no reason to worry about crating him at night.

Think of the crate as a safe haven for your dog, a place where he can rest and relax while being close to you at the same time. Remember to never use crating as a punishment!

Should you put food or water in your dog crate?

Leaving food unsupervised in the crate for your dog is not recommended –unless advised by your veterinarian. That’s because it might interrupt your pooch’s feeding schedule during the night or make him eat more than he normally does.

You can put some water in your dog crate, but note that you need to take it out before going to bed at night so they don’t spill it all over their cushion! Besides, leaving water for the whole night might mean more potty breaks.

However, if you are crate training your dog, it’s absolutely fine to put food and water in the crate, especially for puppies to feel safe in their new environment. You only need to remove the food and water when your pooch is done!

Dog eating its food in crate

Dog crate locations: final thoughts

In the end, there’s really no “one size fits all” answer to where you should place your dog’s crate.

Every pet –and every owner– is different, so it might take some trial and error before you find the perfect spot for your pooch’s new home!

As long as your dog feels safe and secure where you put his crate, that’s what matters most.

Just try to keep your dog from being lonely and bored during the day (and night for older dogs) by making sure he has all of his physical, social and psychological needs met wherever you decide to place it!

Thanks for reading! 🙂 We hope this blog post helped you find the perfect place to put your dog’s crate!

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